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Our Room Transformation Process

We get a lot of questions about what the difference is between our services, specifically about our 'Room Transformation' services.

Our room transformation service is a turn key approach to taking a space or spaces, as in an already existing room that may or may not need small construction changes to update the aesthetic and add in all the layers that make a room a room. Construction changes could include small updates like: adding architectural detail to a room, building out a custom built in cabinet, replacing carpet / flooring, painting, wallpapering etc. but should not be confused with a remodeling project where several construction changes need to be made. From there we fully furnish and accessorize the room.

Our Room Transformation process entails a collaborative design process from conceptual all the way to install and our goal is to make this as seamless and easy process for our clients as possible. We'll handle all of the heavy lifting, details, and solving anything unexpected that is guaranteed to come along with any design project. Let us take care of the details so you don't have to!

We begin our journey with each new client with a comprehensive homework and style evaluation. Each new client will complete a client homework where we ask important questions about the project, the client's aesthetic (and if they're not sure, we help them figure it out), and we ask questions about what is most important to the client when it comes to timelines, budgets and their overall involvement in the project. We also want to see what inspires our clients!

After the client homework is completed we schedule the in home consultation so we can review the completed homework, discuss the aesthetic we are after, and take detailed measurements of the space.

From there we go back to the office and begin drafting a design concept and plan. The hard part for you as the client is over, and now it's our turn to take the information you have given us and design a gorgeous space you've always dreamed of having!

In order for this to be a successful process, a client with an open mind and open to new ideas is key! After all we hope you hired us for our expertise and for a reason: to push you outside of your comfort zone and produce a space that is thoroughly thought out and uniquely you.

The conceptual phase of the project can take a bit of time for us to complete. #Crickets, but we do aim to give you updates every two weeks during this phase, which can take us about a month to complete. Some times we'll even send you a small sneak peek! We want to make sure we have thought of everything and considered all details that will make the room a great space! Through the process we will be drafting out a furniture floor plan, a color scheme for the room, curate a selection of furnishings and other selections needed for the space, and create a realistic 3D rendering of the new design showing the exact pieces we have selected for the room (yes that image above is a rendering!!). Finally we put together a presentation, a budget, and a plan for moving the project to the next phase.

Once this phase is completed, we will schedule a design presentation with you. Aside from our install day, this is one of the most exciting days out of the entire process. We get to show you our vision for the space and everyone gets really excited about the new potential the space has to offer!

Upon approval of the design and payment for goods approved, we manage all purchasing, transactions, shipments, and receiving shipments for our clients. PHEW I bet you're glad to know you don't have to deal with any of that! Trust me, having to drop what you're doing to rush out the door to meet a delivery truck isn't something you want interrupting your day - plus where does all that trash goes once the furniture is unboxed? Not to worry! We have a dedicated warehouse that helps us manage all of this for you!

We'll ship all goods to our receiving warehouse where they will be unpacked (and trash thrown away) inspected for damages and stored until install day! But what happens if something is damaged? Not to worry - we handle all claims for you which can shave hours out of your day if you don't know who to directly contact for a quick and efficient solution. We have experience in dealing with these issues that pop up from time to time and know how to effectively and quickly get a hold of the right person to troubleshoot any damages that could have occurred during shipment.

While furnishings and custom pieces such as drapery are in process or in transit, we get the room 'prepped' for the big install day! We'll act as a liaison and advocate for you to schedule any trades that need to get into the space to prep the room and we oversee to make sure our design intent is installed according to plan. This could be any trade from a painter, wallpaper installer, carpenter, or flooring installer etc.

Finally once the room is fully prepped and all furnishings and custom goods are in, we schedule an install day! It's just like they show on HGTV, except this is a moment you have been waiting for much longer than one hour. Sorry, friends, I wish we had a magic wand and could make it happen that quickly! But as the saying goes, all good things are worth waiting for.

Install day is where the magic happens! Our entire vision comes to life and at the end of the day, you'll come home to a completely transformed space! We won't judge if you shed a tear of happiness ;)

To see this process in real life, check out this video!

Now is the perfect time to start planning your new space, because a well design space takes time and it cannot happen instantaneously! Our average experience for Room Transformations takes about 30 days of planning on our end, then about 14 days to process approvals once any revisions have been made. Furnishings, custom draperies, and scheduling trades to 'prep' the room can take on average up to 10 weeks to complete. So if you're planning to have a brand new living room by Christmas, don't delay any longer! Contact us today to get your project on the schedule.

Does this sound like a service you need in your life?! Let's chat! We'd love the opportunity to learn about your project.

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