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Have you always dreamed of an Instagram worthy kitchen, bedroom, living room, or home in general but don't quite have the time to pull it all together?
Maybe you've tried to design a space in the past and found yourself at a stopping point halfway through the project, overwhelmed with all of the decisions. 

Or maybe you just want the ease of knowing that your space is finally finished, and that is has been professionally designed and thoroughly thought out, without having to do all of the work that goes into implementation.

You've got good style, but...

When it comes down to visualizing the entire space and implementation, you find yourself too busy to dedicate the time it takes to make it all happen, or find yourself second guessing your decisions and left wondering if you've made the right choices.

A well-designed space takes work. It takes a lot of planning and a solid system to make it a seamless process. At The Modern Hive, our proven process has been fine-tuned over years of experience.  When we combine our approach with our innovative design aesthetic, it creates an easy process for our clients and unforgettable spaces to enjoy for years to come. 

Why work with us?

We know there are several different options out there. It can be a confusing and overwhelming process researching and trying to decide who is the best fit for your design needs. After all, working with a designer is a financial investment, and you don't want to experience buyer's remorse. There are a few key differences we have to offer our clients that we believe set us apart.

We went to school specifically to learn about the practice of design. Being an interior designer goes beyond having a good sense of style. Our education has taught us several design applications to help successfully manage design projects and  prepare us to design with the safety and welfare of our clients as the top priority.  Our designers have an educational background in design and attend CEU (Continuing Educational Units) on a regular basis throughout the year.

Principal Interior Designer Courtney Otte has been in this industry since 2011. She started The Modern Hive from the ground up at the young and impressionable age of 22, and has been constantly learning and improving our process since day one. In this industry, there is no specific standard to running an interior design business, which can make it hard to communicate clear expectations and the design process to clients. We believe we have curated a simple and easy solution for our clients that sets up the right expectations from the beginning. We have years of practicing design and running a business under our belt, and have already learned a lot of the hard lessons over the years.

There's no question that we need both designers and decorators in this industry. Each serve a unique and valuable service to clients. Not all clients need an interior designer, nor do all clients need an interior decorator. At times a client may need both, and we can offer just that! The official definition of an interior designer can be found here. Interior design is a science; it's an understanding of how a space functions for a client beyond the physical appearance of the space. We take an in-depth approach to all of our full-scale projects. Beyond specifying 'what looks good,' we take a further look into how our layouts, designs, and selections are installed, how they function, and how they will work for you! 

The American Society of Interior Designers is an organization dating back to 1931, and is the oldest national interior design organization in America. ASID exists to 'prepare it's members to excel in the profession' and to educate the public that 'design impacts lives.' The Modern Hive takes pride in our involvement in ASID, as Principal Designer Courtney Otte served as president for the local ASID Nebraska Iowa October 2019 - 2020.

Why do these things matter?
The media may tell you otherwise, that anyone can do this job. But interior design comes with a need for specific details. This job requires an in-depth knowledge of how a design project works and how a space functions for our clients. We pride ourselves on being professional and experienced, as interior design requires the ability to react quickly when a problem arises on the job and requires foresight to avoid those problems in the future. It requires clear and concise communication, a defined process and action plan.

Will we avoid every problem that may come up during a design project? No. We are working with other humans to make a project happen, and humans will make mistakes. But we have the experience, knowledge, and skill set to avoid several common project problems and know how to quickly and effectively solve problems when they do come up.


Courtney Otte, Allied ASID

Founder + Principal Interior Designer

ASID NE IA President 2020

Founded by Courtney Otte in 2012, The Modern Hive Interior Design Studio was created with the stylish, collected, and unique dweller in mind. The Modern Hive strives to provide innovative, original, and curated interior design for each client, with an understanding that a well-designed space impacts lives.

​Courtney has been working in the interior design industry since 2011. She graduated from the University of Nebraska at Omaha in the Fall of 2011 with a bachelor's degree in journalism, with an emphasis in public relations and advertising. In Spring of 2013, she earned an associate's degree in interior design from Metropolitan Community College.

Her passion for interior design began at a very young age, and carried throughout her college experience. As a child she remembers sketching floor plans, transforming the family attic into a 'club house,' and planned 'tree fort' designs for her backyard.​ In September of 2012 she established The Modern Hive Design Studio to expand her love of interior design. M|H Collection was established shortly after to offer exclusive, hand-picked products from our favorite vendors.

Courtney's unique approach to interior design allows her to work with clients with innovation and technologically advanced applications. She understands her clients are busy and their time is valuable. She approaches each project with time-saving tools that allow her to communicate her vision effectively and clearly. This allows her clients to make informed and confident project decisions each step of the way.

Courtney made the process of designing a kitchen remodel and master bath addition in our nearly 100-year old house so easy and painless.
- Kate | Client of The Modern Hive

Allison Weatherly, Allied ASID

Junior Designer + Assistant to Principal Designer

Allison joined The Modern Hive team as a Junior Designer and Design Assistant to Principal, Courtney Otte. Allison has her bachelor's degree in civil engineering from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. She also holds an associate's degree in interior design from Metropolitan Community College. Allison brings a wealth of knowledge to the team in Computer Aided Drafting with 7+ years of experience. In addition, she holds detailed knowledge of both the residential and commercial realms of interior design.
We are so fortunate to have Allison as a part of the team. You might see her on the job site with Courtney or working behind the scenes, curating a design.


Jill Kreikemeier
Office Administrator + Project Cordinator

Jill is our wonderful office administrator and has been with our team since August 2021. Jill has her bachelor's degree in Journalism from the University of Nebraska at Omaha, and is a wife and mom of 2!  Jill is the keeper of knowledge in all things office related. She is responsible for keeping our internal office operations organized and is our go to contact for keeping projects moving forward and on track, as well as client relations and project scheduling. 
What we love most about Jill is her consistent positive attitude and her willingness to always jump in and help wherever needed. 

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