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Red, White and Due!

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

Happy 4th of July!! Summer is in full swing and The Modern Hive has some exciting changes coming this fall and we're thrilled to take you along for the ride!

First things first, we're expecting! Our first baby in late November, that is! So what does that mean for The Modern Hive? Business will continue as normal up until mid November!

The Modern Hive will continue to take on new projects up through mid September! If you're thinking about The Modern Hive for one of your upcoming projects, hurry and schedule your project today, spots are filling fast! We will pick back up with regular business in mid to late January.

Along with these exciting changes, my husband and I will be flipping a new house to make room for baby Otte and I'm taking you along for the ride! All the dirty details of flipping a home and transforming it into a space made just for us. This home has been thoughtfully cared for by it's previous owners, and would you believe it, they raised 8 kids here and built this home 38 years ago in the late 60's!

I can't help but love the idea that we could very well raise our kids in this home, just as the previous owner did. We can't wait for you to follow along our progress of this flip!

Just a few sneak peeks as I start to design and transform this home: the kitchen will be getting a major upgrade and new layout, we will be expanding the laundry room to be more functional and larger by taking out a hall closet, the living room will get a major face lift by adding in a focal wall and fireplace, and my office (previously used as a family room) obviously has to take priority so I can continue to run business as usual. And you guys, this office space is HUGE! I can't wait to get all my fabrics and samples organized in there! And so much more will happen over the span of our time here! I've already got it all planned out! Stay tuned for the details and progress.

Starting with the before photos:

A view into my new office which is off the kitchen. Eric starts to chip away at demoing the old floors.

View from the other side of the office looking towards the kitchen

A view of the laundry room - it's so small! At about only 5' deep. In the picture below, we will demo out that back wall closet and carry the wall over from the kitchen window to make the space larger.

A view into the kitchen and dining room beyond. This whole space will get a new layout so that it functions better and is more open to the dining room.



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