• Courtney Otte

Help!! "What's my design style!?"

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

One of the first questions a designer will ask you when you begin your design journey together is, 'What's your design style?'

An age old question that has confused our clients for YEARS! We as designers want to make sure we have a good understanding of our clients taste, preferences, and aesthetic - so we ask the question. But often we never get a fully complete answer. Why?! Because our clients are confused - heck even some of us designers can get confused in the combination of styles that are ever evolving!

With today's easy access to social media and to magnificent design inspiration, it further adds to the confusion. What exactly is my style?! It could be a lot of things, or a combination of things.

Style means something different to everyone, it is subjective, which is why it can be so hard to nail down. It's especially hard because creatives are now combining styles and re-inventing styles. Putting their own spin on it if you will. I've often found myself even coining my own terms to describe a style (which I may or may have not done in the below list 😂) .

Farmhouse can be farmhouse rustic, shabby chic farmhouse, modern farmhouse, industrial farmhouse.. the list goes on. Taking the basis of a specific style and putting a twist on it by combining it with another similar style.

For this reason, I have created the following mood boards to help clients explore their design taste and get a better picture of the look they are after!

Keep in mind, one specific style does not fit all design needs for our clients, and often we can combine two similar styles together to create a unique look specific to our client's taste. As you go through the list below, don't feel frustrated if you identify with several of these styles!

I hope you find the below graphics helpful in determining your style!

FULL DISCLOSURE: none of the images below (except two) are designs of The Modern Hive. Thanks to Pinterest and so many talented designers out there, we have pulled together these mood boards.



- Soft

- Bright

- Light

- Monochromatic

- Interesting architectural elements



- Warm

- Modern

- Masculine

- Simple yet bold



- Regency Glam

- Hollywood Glam

- Elegant

- luxury

- Pops of Color - Intriguing Architectural elements




- Overly Simple

- Clean

- Minimal