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A Weekend in Denver

One of the biggest perks to having a sibling who lives out of town (Denver) is that I often get to travel there and 'play' in the city or mountains with my family.

This trip was a RARE occasion, in that everyone was actually able to come on the trip. My husband Eric either has drill for the National Guard or I have to stay behind due to work.

We decided to take it nice and easy this time. We were there to celebrate my brother's 25th birthday and also celebrate Mother's day!

Each time we visit Denver, we usually stay in a different hotel. This time, we decided on the Halcyon in Cherry Creek and boy did it live up to all it's expectations and more!

To begin, the design was on point! (insert googly eyed heart emoji here). I could have spent days and days just marveling at how awesome the design was. Quite different from past hotels I've stayed in, The Halcyon has a unique concept where right when you walk in to 'check in' you feel like you're actually at a bar or coffee bar. Tea, coffee, cocktails are all offered complimentary to hotel guests as they check in!

There were so many personal and homey touches throughout the hotel, including a personal vintage record player, including vinyls, in each room! We tried to start a dance party, but Dad did not find us entertaining!

Highlights of the trip definitely include all the wonderful design features, but best of all getting the whole family together. And guess what?! I totally stayed off social media and being on my phone / taking pictures of everything as much as possible. Although, now I am wishing that I would have taken just a few more pictures of our journey and all the wonderful design I came across!

So for now, this will have to suffice!

Here is a little glimpse of the 'check in' station at the hotel, where complimentary drinks are offered to hotel guests daily.

Traveling down the hallway to our room, we found these door mats at each door to be such a home'y' touch to the space!

The hotel bathrooms are to die for!! I love the mid century vibe paired with modern amenities, including a rainhead shower! My favorite feature of all is a close tie between the little robe with wall sconce and art vignette or the herringbone wall tile in the shower.

The room even comes complete with a bar! Filled with sparkling water, filtered water, Nespresso, and the hotel's special brand of whiskey.

Vignette shots from the lobby fireplace

Cozy little lounge area just off the check in counter. I loved the masculine vibes it put off!

The sweetest little pup sat outside the hotel doors with owners eating at a nearby restaurant. How cute is this little guy?! It seemed very common for those who lived in the neighborhood with their pups to stop by the hotel doormen to grab a little treat for their pup.

Mother's day brunch in downtown Denver!

Rooftop poolside, with mountain views included! This place was so relaxing!

The resturant hotel and sushi bar also had a really fun vibe that reminded me of a modern scene from the Jetson's cartoon.



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