A luxurious + spa like master bath remodel


A luxurious + spa like mater bath remodel

Our client had hired The Modern Hive to transform their tired master bathroom into a luxurious spa-like retreat! 


As a busy couple with a young family, the client needed a space to retreat to to wash away the stresses of a long day. The old bathroom didn't provide that relaxing atmosphere they desired, nor did it provide functional usage of the space available.

The client had just a few requests:

1: To create an 'experience' when the bathroom was in use

2: Customize a vanity to fit their needs

3: Maintain as much of the current plumbing lines as possible

The custom vanity incorporates several organizational considerations as well as made use of a hole in the floor for a laundry chute. We used our designer skills to create a vanity that both incorporated these internal elements and balanced symmetry in the design.

The master shower and tub were designed to feel as if they were their own element, yet still connected to the space. We utilized tile in various styles to achieve this in addition to glass partitions to create separation that was not overwhelming to the space.



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