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A High End, Refined, Summer Home


A High End, Refined, Summer Home



Our client desired a complete transformation into a modern layout and with modern finishes. This home was built in the 90's and had not been renovated or updated since. We were tasked with remodeling the whole main level and parts of the upstairs.


Our goal for this home remodel was to create open and connected spaces. We wanted to give this home a bright and neutral feel that would provide comfort while looking over the lake. The client also desired a lot of seating to host friends and their large growing family.


We also wanted to provide the client with functional and beautiful storage in multiple rooms that did not give them what they needed.

A unique challenge we faced was trying to open up the main living area while having to maintain the angled staircase in the middle of the space. To keep it open and also give the illusion of squared off walls, we designed glass doored wine and beverage storage. This allowed for light to reflect and go through the whole space, while also providing functional storage. It also allowed us to place a large rectangular island in the kitchen to proved counter space.


Another challenge when trying to open the space was the original fireplace location. We were able to move the fireplace to the wall on the far side of the living room because there was already a fireplace on the other side of the wall in the master bedroom which was being removed. This allowed for a larger dining room to hold a custom table fit for 12 people and a counter behind the sofa so more people could be included in the living room space.

The old layout of this home was closed off and disconnected. We opened up the space by increasing doorway openings in multiple locations, opening up the staircase, and moving the fireplace. We also added new windows and archways to make the home feel uniform throughout. The new layout provides space and storage the client needed. It also makes the space feel more open. We were able to utilize space that was unusable prior to opening it up and make this home feel connected through every room. Each space has unique details to draw your eye and tell a story.






Project Type:

Remodel + Full Service Furnishing


Design and reconfigure all aspects of the remodel. Provide design construction documents. Provide full service furnishing and decor for over 2000SF

Investment Level:

Luxury / High End

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