From Dark + Gloomy to a Bright Happy Place


From Dark + Gloomy to a Bright Happy Place

When the Modern Hive first set step into this space, it was apparent that this kitchen was begging for fresh life! The client had mentioned that how the space was before the transformation was dark and gloomy and they hated even going in there! 

Because the space was a town home and the client was unsure how long she would actually live there, the she didn't want to break down any major walls, but rather work with the existing walls. 

To achieve a space that was light, airy, and a dramatic change from the dark space it was before, we used very light colors in the space so that light would filter in and brighten the space. We wanted the client to feel instant joy when they walked into the space, so a youthful and vibrant backsplash was selected. Pops of pink were sprinkled throughout to add color.

To save on cost, the original appliances remained the same, which allowed us to splurge on the granite countertop. A light oyster color was used for the cabinets.

At the end of the project, the client told us that they now feel happy every time she steps foot into the space!


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