The Minimalist Approach to Bachelor Living


The Minimalist Approach to Bachelor Living

Our client had just moved into a new home that had a good footprint, but needed a little extra love to make it the perfect bachelor home.

As a busy entrepreneur himself in the Tech field, he didn't have time nor the desire to furnish and renovate the home himself.

And thus, the journey of renovating and furnishing began. We were first hired by the client to furnish the front room, living room and re-design the basement office. We intentionally designed the basement office to stand out. The client wanted a bright, creative and inspiring space to work from home in.


 One project led to another and before we knew it, we were also giving the Master Bedroom a sharp new look, re-furnishing the dining room and basement. 

Once we had those spaces finished, we were hired to completely gut and remodel the bathroom, and then later on the kitchen (coming soon!).

After about  4 year long endeavor to make this house a home, the space is just about complete. Until we come up with another crazy idea for renovating ;)


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