From Bachelor Pad to Modern Elegance


From Bachelor Pad to Modern Elegance

You might call Aaron Hochstein and Megan Bengtson a dynamic duo. The recently newlywed couple make a great team as Aaron has owned and operated Highrock Design. Build. Remodel for 11 years and Megan has been selling real estate as a Residential REALTOR (R) for 11 years.


The couple met through business networking and quickly found that they shared the same passion about real estate, home design and style.


But there was one problem.  When Aaron had built a home for himself in 2007 he had built it with the ultimate bachelor pad design in mind.  Enter Megan and their two Shih Tzu pups, Riley and Cooper, the couple knew that the space needed a drastic change that would fit their new lifestyle together.


The young professional couple had a vision in mind but enlisted the help The Modern Hive to pull it all together.  


With the expertise of Aaron's contracting skills, Megan's love of modern design and Courtney's knowledge of interior design, the team of three completely transformed the bachelor pad to a space of modern elegance. A perfect fit for a young professional couple that loves to entertain.

This project was featured in local Omaha Magazine in the May/ June 2016 Edition. 


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