Let us help you ensure you are making the right 

selections in your remodel or new build investment


You're already making such a large investment in your remodel or new build, you already have a good sense of the direction of your project, and have a great relationship and open communication with your contractor, but with such a large investment you'd hate to get it wrong when it came down to making your selections. 

By eliminating 3 of the 4 stages of the construction design process, we can get straight to business and help you make informed and good choices when it comes to your selections.

We help you make sure that the outcome is what you had in mind and ensure no mistake is made when it comes to coordinating the colors.  


We would love to chat more about the scope of work for your remodel, renovation or addition to see if this option is a good fit for your needs!



Let's get to know you and your project! We'll discuss your selection needs over the phone and gather all the details we need to get started. A little client homework may be assigned. 
Once any client homework is complete, we'll get started by making some pre-selections prior to our selections day meeting with you.


We'll schedule a selections day with you to visit various showrooms and vendors. Plan for a minimum of a half day time investment.

We'll present any pre-selections at this time, and work with you to make all remaining selection decisions. Such selections include: cabinet finishes + door styles, carpet or wood flooring selections,  shower tile selections and pattern designs, countertops, and backsplash etc. 


Once all selections have been finalized, The Modern Hive will provide you with a basic worksheet that lists out all selections made for your project. 

The worksheet will include details such as: tile names, size, pattern / direction to be applied, and grouts,  carpet names and color, any hardware finish and styles etc.

You will be responsible for giving this to your contractor and communicating to him how the design is to be implemented.




Selections made: vanity, countertop, sink, faucet, mirror, toilet, flooring, lighting, wall paint or wallpaper and hardware


HALF BATHS + 3/4  BATHS - $954

Selections made: vanity, countertop, plumbing fixtures, mirror, flooring, shower tiles and patterns, lighting, wall paint or wallpaper and hardware



Selections made: vanity, countertop, plumbing fixtures mirror, toilet, flooring, shower tiles and patterns, lighting, wall paint or wallpaper and hardware

KITCHENS - $1,350

Selections made: cabinet profile + details, cabinet finishes, countertops, flooring, sink, faucet, backsplash, light fixtures and hardware


BASEMENTS - $1,890

Selections made: flooring, wall paint, bathroom selections (if applicable), bar selections, decorative light fixtures


WHOLE HOUSE: Quoted from $1,890+

We'll need to know the scope of selections you need our assistance with, your contractors selection allowances and the overall square footage of your home.


Here's How:



Tell us about your project; Click the 'Get Started' button below

Our team will review your project submission + contact you with next steps!


What if I can't make up my mind on selections day:

- We do our best to come prepared to make all your selections on selections day, which is why we plan out pre-selections. This way we have a design plan prior to meeting you on selections day. But sometimes it still happens. Sometimes you just need time to take it all in and think about it and sometimes you change your mind. If this is you (or likely to happen to you), after selection day is complete, let us know if this is the case. From there we will bill hourly to nail down all final selections.

Proposal acceptance + Payment


What is the difference between a selections only package and a remodel or new build package?

Design process begins!


- The biggest difference with this package is that a 'selections only' service is providing you with guidance only on selections and you will be responsible for communicating the design on selections made to your contractor. With a remodel or new build package, we walk you through all 4 steps of construction, which includes floor plan concepts, 3D rendering concepts, fully prepared and completed style guides for your contractor that outline all design details, and we will communicate between you and your contractor to make sure our design is implemented properly.

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