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5 Ways to help Support a Local Creative Business During the COVID-19 Pandemic

I have been blown away by our local community's desire to support local small businesses through this economic turn down that the virus has caused. #supportlocal is a real thing here in Omaha and it's so amazing to see how people come together to support other's businesses - even the smallest of gestures go a long way. Some local businesses are easier to support than others. Creative businesses often offer a range of services that you might not always need, or simply during a time of economic uncertainty, don't want to heavily invest in. I have been getting some questions from clients and friends as to how they could help a small business like my own. It's not like they can order take out dinner from The Modern Hive, but there are several ways you can still help support a small business like The Modern Hive! Small and large ways alike, any support is appreciated more than you know!

Of the most obvious - ASK your favorite local creative business if they are still in business during this time!

Here at The Modern Hive, we are still open for business as much of our work an be done virtually!

1. Write a review:

Among the easiest and most budget friendly ways to show your support to a local small business is write a review! I know life gets busy, and at the end of a project writing a review can get pushed to the back burner, even if you had an excellent experience. We all have good intentions, but sometimes those intensions are shoved into the side as a busy life distracts us.

If you are a past client of ours and have enjoyed the design experience we provided you and have been enjoying your newly Modern Hive designed home, while you are practicing 'social distancing', during your down please, please consider finally writing us that review you've been meaning to for years now! I know there are a few of you out there... It would mean more than you know!

You can easily write The Modern Hive a review using this link HERE. No need to connect to your social media / add a customer photo if you're not comfortable with that.


2. Purchase branding swag and promotional goods:

Making a small purchase of a businesses' branding swag' or a promotional good during this time is an easy and budget friendly way to support a small business, while also promoting their brand as you snap a photo of your swag and tag them on instagram in your new T-shirt or sipping out of your new coffee mug, etc.!

Right now The Modern Hive has a few fun swag items available to you featuring the #stayhome movement! I just ordered my coffee mug and cannot wait to get it in the mail!

Check out The Modern Hive's swag store HERE!

I also really LOVE some of these other local's swag products!

"Relax today Adult Tomorrow" Mug by Jamie Elizabeth Designs

Or this fun promotion by J+J Design Co.

Featuring hand drawn and personalized portraits for any upcoming special events where you might not be able to make it to the store What a fun and special way to celebrate Mother's Day or an upcoming birthday! Email to get a personalized portrait of your own!


3. Affiliate links:

let's face it - you're bored stuck at home, so naturally Amazon, Wayfair or Nordstrom Rack is getting the best of you as you browse through products to purchase to spruce up your home and spring wardrobe that you can hopefully wear out in public soon! Did you know that many small businesses have affiliate programs set up and can create links to products you already plan to purchase and we will get a small percentage of the purchase? It cost you nothing extra to have us make you an affiliate link to use during your purchase. All you have to do is send us a link to what you plan to purchase, then click on that link we send you to make your purchase.


4: Purchase local product through your designer or creative:

Ask if they have any local products you purchase through them! Similarly to affiliate links, we often have relationships with local businesses, such as tile showrooms, cabinet and countertop shops, window treatment / blind showrooms, furniture stores in town. When our clients allow us to run the purchase through our business, we can receive a commission from the purchase. It's the same cost to you as if you were to purchase yourself at the showroom or store, and sometimes we can even offer you a better price depending upon the purchasing power and relationship we have with that vendor, and on our end we often we will receive a loyalty commission from our vendors when the order goes through us. Win win for all!


5: Consider E-Design services:

Ask about E-design and virtual services! Even before the pandemic began, we have already been facilitating E-design type services for our clients. We have clients all over the place - from clients in Essex Iowa remodeling their whole home, to clients in Lincoln Nebraska building a new home. The reality of it is that we can't always be there in person at every meeting or whenever a trade stops by and has a question, but we can always use technology as a tool to keep a project moving forward and communicate effectively.

We have a range of E-design options to consider during this time: anything from a simple bookcase styling to beginning to prepare plans for a future kitchen remodel can be done virtually! Hey, it could even be a fun distraction while your stuck at home to have us pick out some new decor for your living room (purchased through our affiliate links) and shipped directly to your front door, then put in place by you per our carefully customized design plan for your space.


Join Me in the challenge!!

Over the next 7 days (Starting Friday March 27, 2020) I'm challenging myself to support one local business each day! Follow along on IG @themodernhive as I'll be adding a story each day of how I am practicing #supportlocal! I hope you'll join me in the challenge and tag @themodernhive in your story showing how you are supporting!

Times are interesting, times are tough for so many small businesses and individuals alike - thank you to each of you who are choosing to support a small business during this time when you can. Thank you to all my clients who have continued to support my business and other small businesses like my own during this time! Thank you to the clients who have not put a 'pause' on their project and thank you to my clients who have still decided to process orders with me - from a wallpaper order all the way to a full living room furnishing order. Your support during this time means more to me than you'll ever know!

Stay well, stay healthy and keep the compassion alive in the weeks to come! We're all in this together.

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