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Mid Century Retro, Outgoing + Eclectic Lime: A Pre-Project Reveal Sneak Peek!

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

If a kitchen could be outgoing, this is it! I usually would wait to post a project reveal until I get professional photos back, but after celebrating the completed project with my clients the other day, I couldn't resist, so these amateur cell phone photos will have to do for now!

Set against a white backdrop, bold and vibrant pops of green subway backsplash, quartz made to look like black marble, accents of gold and touches of orange and yellow furnishings, this space is brought to life! A match made in heaven, this newly remodeled space is a perfect reflection of this outgoing and fun couple!

The space had been previously remodeled in the 80's or 90's with drab browns, oak cabinets, and a closed off kitchen that made the space feel small and distant from the rest of the home. The home was just aching for new life and to be restored to it's former Mid Century style!

We started working with Candy and Brianna on the day they closed on their new home! Right away I could relate to the story they were about to embark on with their new home. Candy and Brianna are entrepreneurs themselves and started a vintage collectable business called Pop Culture Exchange here in Omaha. They had also just welcomed their brand new baby girl into the world just weeks before we met. As an entrepreneur myself, also a new mom and having recently going through a massive home remodel of my own, we just 'got' each-other.

I knew how important this remodel was to them. Making this new house a lasting home where they could raise a family and also create a home that reflected their personal style was always top of mind through the entire design process.

Brianna came to The Modern Hive with a pretty good idea of what she already wanted to do with the space, but was smart to enlist our services to make sure we thought of everything, make sure all the details were in line and to help manage the process of implementing the design she was after with the contractor.

Smart storage solutions in this kitchen was key! The couple opted to forego a dishwasher to maintain coveted cabinet space for storing their pantry items and dish-ware. As they were already used to hand washing dishes from previous homes without a dishwasher, this was no big deal to them. And i have to agree, if you're already used to living life that way, might as well capitalize on more cabinet storage!

Mid project, we also decided to design a custom small pantry for small food items and spices (seen in the image above with a blue diamond off to the right).

The fireplace, we had learned was added into the home years after it was built, but it's vintage charm meant it must stay! We upgraded the hearth top from outdated chipped 12 x 12 tiles and installed a sleek granite slab that pulled the black and brown tones out of the fireplace. The set of orange vintage chairs and gorgeous yellow tulip table Brianna had scored at a garage sale years ago, talk about one heck of a great find!

Inspired by vintage finds, we incorporated several Mid Century elements such as cabinet hardware, Sputnik light fixtures, and even selected the paint color for the custom diamond shapes you see on the peninsula and small pantry from an old vintage hardware board. Ironically enough, the blue color we selected reminds me a lot of the blue color I use for Modern Hive branding!

I think it's safe to say that both baby and puppies think the long haul of a renovation was well worth it as the entire family now has a dream space to enjoy and create memories for many years to come! How cute are those three?!

As we came to a close on the project, I couldn't help but feel so overjoyed (maybe a smidge sad that I wouldn't get to see them on a regular) for Brianna and Candy to start their lives here with their sweet babe! I had so much fun getting to know them and helping them incorporate their unique Mid Century eclectic style!

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