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It's all White to Me- A Guide to seeing in more than Black & White

Lately, I have incorporated a shade of white or grey in my client's homes and sometimes it's hard to explain that yes, there is a difference between Dune White and Cloud White.

During our color consultations we walk through the home to get a feel for each room, discuss its use and the company it will hold. Understanding each rooms purpose helps determine its color. For instance, painting an entire laundry room black would never work...doing laundry is depressing enough!

To ensure the correct shade is selected we proceed in this order after finding the purpose of the room and the client's taste:

1. We discuss what window treatments will be on the windows and how much natural light will come in to make sure the color we select will look the same after it's painted

2. Select several shades from the paint deck (our favorites are Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams) and walk wall to wall to see how the color reacts with the different lighting in different areas of room. Narrowing down colors isn't too hard after seeing what may have seemed really light might turn muddy in the shadows and is eliminated.

3. Once we've narrowed each room down to 2-3 shades the client purchases the samples in these colors from the store and paints 1'x2' sections of each color next to one another on different walls in the room.

4. After the paint has dried we encourage clients to visit the room at different times of day to see how the color interacts with the natural light. Something else to consider is of course having the light bulbs in that you plan to use as there are several different colors and will also affect the way the paint looks!

So... those of you who think it's all the same color white I challenge you to follow these steps and see the side by side difference! Or to contact us and we can take over! :)

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