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A Morning in the Gardens

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

This morning I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the Lauritzen Garden Antique Show. If you're local to Omaha and have not yet been to the gardens, what are you waiting for!?! Do it!! Its worth the trip.

The morning started off with a CEU (Continuing Educational Unit) by Schumacher on fabrics and their construction, durability, and sustainability. And at the end we got a peek at one of their new gorgeous products: feather wall panels. Oh. My. Goodness!! Were they gorgeous, but pricey! I so wish I could have snapped a picture of these beauties!

Following the CEU we joined a wonderful group of stylish men and women for a garden tea party and luncheon. The best part!? We got to listen to House Beautiful Editor, Sophie Donelson, interview design maker and interior designer, Mark Sieks. Both are geniuses! Tell me that table spread up above doesn't look like something straight out of a magazine?!

I couldn't resist and had to buy Sophie's new Book, Style Secrets. Partially because it hasn't been released to the public yet and because it matched my outfit perfectly but mostly because I'm obsessed with using beautiful books in spaces. This one I'll be keeping for my own home though, as i was lucky enough to snag her autograph!

Following the lunch I browsed beautiful antiques and hand made goods throughout the gardens. I came across a maker called Museum Bees and could not resist! Now I have to come back to the antique show each hear to keep adding to my newly found love of collecting bees!

A HUGE thanks to fellow designer and architectural rep, Tara Miller, for inviting me to the event that her company, Sunderland Brothers, had a huge part in the planning of the Antique show. If you get a second, be sure to check out Tara's inspirational blog, Lachelle Inspiration Gallery - she has amazing taste in inspiration that is sure to inspire you!

Enjoy your weekend friends!

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