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And the Walls Came Tumbling Down!

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

Knock, Knock! Yep, we're home and finally moved in!

Can you believe HOW FAST Summer has gone?! Maybe it's just me with all the exciting happenings going on, but I blinked and it's nearly over!

Let me just preface this by stating, that this post isn't exactly 'pretty' but it sure shows all the hard work we have done on the house so far!

Since we moved in at the end of July to our 'project' I've mostly just been in survival mode from day to day. My main focus has been keeping The Modern Hive projects running smoothly and keeping clients thrilled with their design services. But in my free time, we work on the house!

Two weeks before we moved we demoed the entire kitchen/ dining area. If you've been following along on my instagram stories, you may have caught a few insider peeks at what was actually going on day to day, it was exiting let me tell you!

We enlisted the help of a few of our great friends and hired my preferred contractor to assist us with the demo and the project. Aaron Hochstein with Highrock.Design.Build.Remodel.was absolutely amazing and so helpful during the demo process. He helped us install a new supporting beam in the area between the kitchen and front entry to help make the space feel more open.

We did run into a few snags along the way. The number one rule in construction is probably measure twice, cut once - followed by a close second: Always plan for contingencies for those lovely little surprises that pop up!

In our case, once we had started the demo, we found out that there was a pretty nasty dishwasher leak at one time that had caused the entire subfloor to rot out. LUCKILY it wasn't so bad that it started to rot the supporting trusses! With a little extra time and effort, we were able to peel out the old subfloor and patch it with brand new sub-flooring.

While demo was extremely satisfying, now we sit and wait for our contractors to be able to schedule us in. So far, we've been able to get some of the drywall going in the living room, but are mostly waiting on the electrician to do his thing before we keep going and for our new kitchen windows to be installed. The anticipation is KILLING ME! We were also able to get most of our powder bath tile in, the underlayment throughout the kitchen laid, and the laundry flooring in so that NFM could deliver our washer and dryer and so I could do laundry. Who knew I would ever be so excited to do laundry?! I guess when you live in a house without a kitchen, it's the small things, right?!

But of course nothing with a reno comes easy, does it?! The very day I got my washer and dryer, I jumped right into housekeeping mode and did all the loads of laundry we had since moving in about a week and a half prior. Come to find out the next day that NFM didn't quite get the hoses hooked up tight and water leaked all over our brand new laundry room tile and a TON of water leaked into our basement. Just great. Paul Davis Restoration to the rescue! And a big old Dairy Queen Blizard to my rescue since wine isn't really recommended during pregnancy.

To say the least, we've had a few hiccups but I can say without a doubt that all this is going to be worth it in the end! We just have to meet that November deadline before our little Mr. or Miss arrives!

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