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Ring in the New Year

Happy New Year! I hope you had the chance to spend time with people who are important to you and celebrate another year in the books and a new year to come! I have some really big goals for this next year and am so excited to share it with you all along the way!

I decided to spend my new year celebrating with a close group of friends and hosted the most darling little party at my home! Here's an insider look at my party!

I decided to create a little bar area on a console in my living room. Not only did this look super inviting as guests walked into the house, I also avoided have guests going back and fourth from where the party was at to grab drinks out of the fridge. I set out a large party tub and filled it with beers, pop, and water. I also arranged some barware and glasses for easy use.

TIP: I spray painted a mason jar to hold my straws AND I also spray painted one of the sparkling wine bottles to match with the rest of the theme. You wouldn't believe it, but I searched HIGH AND LOW for that bottle of Chandon. I am obsessed with their seasonal bottle wraps! For the other two bottles, I picked up decorative stickers at Nobbies that were festive and related to the new year theme.

Such a simple way to make your guests think you are a bomb hostess and rock at hosting parties is adding a piece of fruit to their drink. I used blueberries in our champagne - I just love the way it pops against the gold color.

To keep my guests well entertained through the night, I decided to create my own little photo booth. On top of playing apples to apples, cards against humanity, and dancing to music, the photobooth was a perfect way to capture the memories of the night! I used dry erase boards to encourage guests to write down a new year goal!

Let me tell you - it was a hit!!

And then we had these two adorable love birds who are getting married this summer! I just love his New Years goal! So precious!

Cheers to all!! See you in the new year!



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