• Courtney Otte

10 "Must Have" Kitchen Amenties

So you've decided to build or remodel your home. A lot of thought must be put into several areas throughout the home, but one of the most important areas lands in the kitchen.

We do so many things in the kitchen- eat, host dinners, entertain guests, cook, bake, teach, learn, help our children with their homework, use it as a dropping zone… the list goes on and on. That is the exact reason why so much thought must be put into designing the kitchen. Keeping an organized kitchen is key to an organized life and household.

Every kitchen design is unique to individual families’ functional needs but we've come up with a master list of “must have” kitchen amenities to help design the perfect functioning kitchen.

1. Utensil Organization: Gone are the days of just throwing your utensils messily into a drawer. Who can find anything to cook with like that anyways? Check out how this pull out drawer was made to organize like no other! Two approaches that we like: the circular containers on the left allow for awkwardly shaped utensils to find a home. The multi-layered drawers are a very smart design concept to help organize by utensil “type.”

2. Storage for Dinnerware and Serving ware: Not everyone stores their dinnerware in upper cabinets anymore. Recently, people have found that storing them in large pull out drawers in base cabinets functions just as well if not better. With this concept you can see and reach everything right in front of you. Pegs are included with this design to help fit dinnerware and serve ware to a more customized design. Try storing overstock and uncommonly used items below and daily dishes in upper cabinets.

3. Appliance Garages:In most cases, we want to or try to hide our major kitchen cooking appliances such as mixers, toasters and coffee pots. Appliance garages do just the trick, only today we are much smarter with the design and look of our appliance garages. Goodbye Tambour garages, hello sleek design! Consider fitting an appliance garage in the corner of a kitchen by carrying the cabinets straight across the wall instead of installing a corner cabinet.

4. Flexible shelving Options inside of cabinets or a pantry:Relatively cheap and oh so convenient is multiple shelving options inside your cabinets and pantry. Here are two great concepts to consider: adjustable shelving and shelving racks. Adjustable shelving is a great way to conform your pantry or cabinet to odd shapes and sized serve ware or bake ware, you won’t be sorry you installed this. Shelving racks also give you much more space to “stack” in an organized way. See how they have stacked multiple dishes below. Simple racks like these can be picked up at Bed Bath and Beyond.

5. The Corner Drawer:The corner drawer is a great invention! When the drawers are closed it you see clean modern lines for a seamless design. The Lazy Susan was great, but this approach is even better – more drawers for utensils, towels, pots and pans, and oh yeah, no more knocking things over when trying to grab them off the Lazy Susan. You also get a bird’s eye view of what you need to access.

6. Space dividers for cookie sheets and muffin pans:No more stacking the cookie sheets on top of each-other in the drawer below your oven! This idea is great for easily accessing any cooking sheet you need. Be sure to measure the height and length of your baking sheets and customize according to those measurements. These type of drawers work great beneath a built in oven.

7. The Hidden Pantry:Installing a walk in pantry room behind your major appliances, such as the built in oven and fridge surround, has become quite the trend. Not only because it astonishes and surprises your guests, but also because it gives the illusion that the entire wall is a custom pantry piece. Try installing French cabinet doors in place of a regular door to give it even more of an illusion of an entire wall of custom cabinets.

8. Pull out Spice Racks:Install these on either side of your cooktop or oven. This is an easy way to view and access all of your spices instead of digging through the back of a cabinet shelf. Such a simple concept that takes away the wasted space in small areas of kitchen base cabinets!

9. Roll out storage for pots and pans:This is one of the best ways to organize your pots and pans, which are almost always in a stacked mess anyways. Install a system like this below your cook top or an island near the cooking range. You’ll be happy you did when you can access the right pot in seconds instead of un-stacking all the pots on top of it.

10. Double roll out trash:This is probably one of the most obvious kitchen amenities, but also one of the most important! No one wants to get a view of your stainless steel trashcan against the wall. Locate your trash can close to your sink and or preparation counter space. Also take into consideration the design of the pull out trash front panel. In the design below, the matched the paneling to the right end of the island.




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