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Fresh Update, Maintaining Character


Fresh Update, Maintaining Character

Alright, the gloves are coming off on this one! This 1923 bungalow home was the first home of principal designer of The Modern Hive, Courtney Otte. She and her husband bought this home as their very first home together! 

Nestled in an old Aksarben district in Omaha, Courtney saw so much potential when she first walked in this home with her relator. Courtney has a huge appreciation and passion for old homes and can't get enough of the old character they have! But as a modern enthusiast, she knew that with some light changes to the home, it could be made into 'their' home while still maintaining the great character of this old home.


"Yes, we have mis-matching door hardware in our home, and some of our floors might dip in a few spots, but that doesn't bother me a bit. It gives the home a story to tell."


The very first day the keys were handed over to Courtney, she got to work. She brought in a craftsman to install picture and chair rail moulding throughout the living room and into the dining room, she brought in her paint crew to paint fun and fresh colors that would dramatically lighten the space,  replaced the light fixtures so that they would provide a better light source, and of course put her own personal touch on the furnishings and decor throughout.


The end result: it felt like home and now that we have moved on to a different home, I still miss this home so much!


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