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Small Bedroom, with Huge Style!

This bedroom is small but mighty! We transformed the entire feel of this space, and would you have guessed?! We didn't even need to paint the room!

Our client had contacted us in hopes we could give her a dream bedroom space for her to relax in at the end of a long day!

Although the space was small, we were able to comfortably fit a queen size bed into the space. We incorporated a few well known industry tricks into the space to make it feel larger than what it is, such as oversized wall wart and mirrors to give the room more light and depth.

We also worked around a tricky window situation. The space bas two windows, one which was a double pane and centered on the wall, and one that was off centered where we wanted to place the bed. To counterbalance this, we added a mirror on the opposite side of the bed to make the wall feel more balanced!

We are happy to say that our client absolutely loved the end result, and so do her 3 pugs that now have easy access to join her on the bed for some snuggles!



Project Type:

Master Bed Room Full Service Furnishings


Design and provide full service furnishing and decor for a master bed room.

Investment Level:

Budget Friendly Range


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