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New transitional, Bright + Comfy


New transitional, Bright + Comfy


Our client desired to bring their personal style as well as functionality into their newly purchased home for their growing family. Our goal for this home and its main living spaces, was to take it out of the early 2000's and bring visual interest into each space. We wanted to give storage space where it was actually needed and eliminate it where it was unnecessary.


We desired to achieve a natural yet modern design with a monochromatic base, organic materials, geometric patterns, and a pop of color. We also wanted to take advantage of all of the natural light this home has to offer.

A unique challenge we faced was working with the existing floor plan as is. In order to get more space in the dining room, we removed the built in cabinetry. When these were removed, we found an air vent that had been hidden by upper cabinets, and we found we were going to have to replace the existing flooring.


Since an accent wall with wallpaper was supposed to go on the wall with the newly found vent, we specified an Aria vent so we could maintain as seamless of a look as possible. We also selected a new carpet that fit with all of the selections as they had already been selected.


Because we had to work with the existing floor plan as is, we also had to create new storage solutions and a more functional living environment for their growing family. We created a custom bench with storage to allow for more seating, as well as places to hide toys. We also added electrical above the fireplace and above the shelves so we could move the TV and add additional lighting in the room.



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