A Bright, Classic and Modern Dining Space


A Bright, Classic and Modern Dining Space

This dining room space has got to be one of our favorite transformations! 

This client came to us initially not sure what she wanted to do with this un-used space. It seemed that the space always was a landing zone for random toys. As she already had a more casual dining room around the corner, and closer to the kitchen, we at first contemplated the idea of turning this room into a front sitting room. But upon further design development, we decided to keep it as a dining room and make it a formal dining space but incorporate bright and fun patterns and colors.

We began our transformation by first creating the concept and then implementing the design. We added tall wainscot paneling to the walls and had our painter paint it white. A gorgeous faux grasscloth wallpaper was added above the wainscot for a dramatic contrast.

When it came to fabrics and patterns, our client let us play around with a custom approach. We used one of our trade specific vendors to design this chair for us and used fabric we had selected from our fabric library. 

The result: a gorgeous space that catches your eye as you walk by!


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